Welcome to the ColorMatch website. A new version of this site is in development, however due to limited time it has been delayed for some time. Please come back in a few months, to check the new site out... Until then here is a list of some usefull colormatching links.

The best sites about colors and webdesign:

Color Theory Basics
With this page you will get a understanding of the basics in harmonious color combinations. Basic colour theory concepts like split complementary, triadic colour schemes, Analogous Color Scheme, Monochromatic Color Scheme etc. The page has been made avalible by the creator of the commercial Color Wheel Pro software.

Colors Found in Nature and Interface Design

This is a very good article about natural selection of colors. “Perhaps no other design element has as much influence on how we feel in a space (a website, a home, etc.) as color.”

Color My World
Color My World by Molly E. Holzschlag, is an older article about colors and webdesign, but it is still a very valid reading for webdesigners.

Setting the Mood with Color
This article teaches a little about how to set the right mood using the right colours. While you read this I recommend continue reading Hope Campbells article about contrasting colors, which is linked from on this page.

Color Design for the Web
"Did you know that a site visitor forms his or her first impression about your site within the first nine seconds of a visit?" This is how this nice article starts, and as a webdesigner you probably already know this, but read this article to see what you can do about this.

Other Color matching sites:

Neteffect's unsafe colormatch
The traditional colorwheel has red in the noon position and proceeds counter-clockwise in twelve hue steps. But in color scheming "some colors are more equal than others". The Unsafe Colormatch wheel attempts to reflect this by overlapping the interesting colors and by putting more contrasting colors on top of less contrasting.

Color Scheme Generator by wellstyled
This is a decent version of the original Color Scheme wheel. It has manupulation tools for Mono, Contrast, Triad, Tetrad and Analogic. You can also xchose between different pastel types, and reduce to safe colors.

Eric Meyer - Color Blender
Here you can enter two colors, and display colors in-between. This is a excellent tool for finding additional colors for a site that already has a color scheme, or for modifying an existing scheme.

Here is a small preview of what you will find in the upcomming site:

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