About this website

ColorMatch started back in 2001 so we have been around for a while. Back then we had a simple tool to find matching colors.

There were big plans to improve the original tool and provide other useful web design tools. But things didn’t work out as planned, and as time went by, other similar and even better tools started to show up.

Today there are more than plenty of tools to find colors that work well together, so instead of being just another color tool, this site has transitioned into a simple collection of the best color tools out there.

It seems that yet another color tool shows up almost monthly, not all are great, but I will try to update the list as I become aware of new and better tools. Some tools that once were great have disappeared or are no longer maintained, and as that happens they get removed from the list again.

ColorMatch - color scheme tools


The gradient animation on this site uses a lot of CPU (or GPU depending on browser)

Yes, I know... The design is fast and dirty, and I thought it was fun to do something like this for a site about colors. And it will probably not be real a problem for those who visit a site like this anyway.

However, I would never recommend doing something like this on a commercial website, no matter how cool it might look. There are ways to accomplish the same effect without the CPU intensive CSC animations, so maybe I will get around to that someday.

I have a color related website, will you add it to the list?

Probably not. I get many requests from people and robots who ask for a link. But I want to keep the list lean and simple, so unless you have something much better than what is already listed, it would be a waste of time to ask - sorry.

Are you an expert on colors? and can you help me?

No, not at all. Actually, I think matching the right colors is one of the most difficult aspects in web design. So the links I have collected here are also for my own help and reference.

How can I contact you? It's really really important...

Well if you have to, then try to send a mail to: